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Burglary Insurance

Burglary and Housebreaking Insurance Policy grants coverage in respect of all types of insured property such as stock in trade, goods held in trust or commission, furniture, fixture, fittings, money in locked safe and any other item or equipme...

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Electronic Equipment policy

  The electronic equipment insurance policy is an all risk policy designed for computers, medical, biomedical, microprocessor, and audio/visual equipment including the value of system software.   The policy is specially designed ...

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Industrial All Risk Insurance

  A comprehensive coverage for the Industrial Risks having overall Sum Insured of Rs. 100 Crores and above in one or more locations in India. The Policy covers not only the Physical Losses or damage but also consequential losses arising ou...

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Contractors All Risk Insurance

  Specially designed to protect the interest of civil contractors against the damage to or destruction of various civil engineering projects (like dwellings, office, hospitals, tunnels, cannels etc).   These projects includes acc...

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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

  Fidelity Guarantee Policy is designed to protect employers against any loss sustained by reason of any act of fraud/dishonesty committed by the Employee in connection with their/his/her employment during uninterrupted Service within retr...

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Jewelers’ Block Insurance

           Jewellers Block Policy is available to protect against   Ø  Stocks (gold, diamonds, etc in showcase, display windows, safe/strong room, insured premises Ø ...

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Motor Insurance

  Private car insurance policy provides coverage for loss of or damage to your vehicle against the risk of accident, fire, theft, floods, earthquake, riot, strike etc. The policy also gives coverage for your liability arising out of death,...

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Machinery Breakdown

  The policy covers unforeseen and sudden physical damage to any mechanical and electrical machinery and/or equipment by any cause necessitating repairs and/or replacement.   Coverage Includes   Ø  Faulty design...

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Money Insurance

       Money Insurance Policy is available to protect your business establishment against loss of Ø  Money in Transit whilst being carried by an authorized representative by robbery, hold up or any other fo...

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Marine Cargo

It deals with insurance of goods in transit through following modes of transport: Ø  Sea Ø  Rail Ø  Road Ø  Air Ø  Inland waterways Ø  Post Parcels   Types of Policies ...

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Public Liability - Act Policy

    Public Liability - Act Insurance Policy is available to protect you against liability arising out of: Any accident affecting any person/persons occurring while handling hazardous substances as listed in the Gazette notifi...

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Workmen's Compensation Insurance

  Workmen's Compensation Policy is available to indemnify you against your liability to any of your employee arising out of   Ø  Injury of employee by accident at the workplace Ø  Disease of employee; if such...

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