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Group Personal Accident Insurance

Many organizations say that people are their most important asset. As markets mature and international trade grows, people become huge investments for multinational organizations. And for financial and practical reasons, management must protect these investments, these people. The personal accident program you provide your employees is a key element of this protection. Your Group Personal Accident (GPA) program provides employees with protection against accidents while on the job. The GPA coverage is a centerpiece of most HR benefit programs, and serves as a critical recruitment and retention tool


Group Personal Accident insurance (GPA) provides protection to your members or employees in the event of death or disability due to an accident.. Covered events include:

·         Accidental death

·         Permanent total l disablement

·         Permanent partial disablement

·         Temporary total disablement

·         Medical expenses for accident treatment

·         Hospital daily cash

·         Transportation of mortal remains

·         Funeral expenses

·         Education grant

Key features:

·         No documentation

·         No medical tests

·         Available for ages 18 to 65 years

Benefit levels are based on a schedule that you define. Different employee groups may receive distinct benefit levels, or everyone may receive comparable benefits. We know the options and issues, and can work with you to find cost effective solutions. You can be confident that you have provided compliantly and appropriately for your staff or members

This group accident insurance plan is offered to the group with complete flexibility for the employer to choose from a range of benefits. The policy indemnifies individual employees against accidental deaths, loss of limbs, and loss of vision, permanent total disablement, permanent partial disablement and temporary total disablement. 

The Group Personal Accident Plan also offers a number of additional benefits like family transportation, transportation of imported medicines, compensation for broken bones, purchase of blood, broken bones, and modification of vehicle and residence. These benefits make this group accident cover a unique package. It offers a lump sum payment in case of accidental death or any disability. Thus, the plan is of true value as it gives financial protection against accidental deaths and injuries to the employees and their families. It makes healthcare easy going and hassle free. Devoid of any fiscal hurdle people can go for quality treatment and overcome the injuries causes. Insured people, in this way, can look after their wellbeing even in such emergency cases. So, make a timely investment in an insurance cover and enjoy uninterrupted healthcare services. 


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