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How to make a claim-Fire Insurance

Immediate Action upon a Loss

  • Take all steps to minimize loss (e.g. fire fighting/-shifting material to safe place following Fire/ Flood/Accident/ Transit loss etc.)
  • Intimation to insurance company
  • Take few photographs of location and affected items.
  • Call the Engineer / Contractor / Supplier to analyze actual loss / damage – obtain detailed estimate of repairs
  • Fully co-operate with the Surveyor in loss minimization/ control and in arranging inspection of items damaged.

Suggested Documents for Settlement of Claim for Fire Insurance

  • Claim Form duly filled in & signed.
  • I.R, if filed.
  • Fire Brigade Report (internal or external or both as the case may be).
  • Forensic Departments report, if applicable.
  • Laboratory test report together with the mandate given, if applicable.
  • Record of Labour involved in activities related to claim.
  • Original Repair/ Replacement Bills with receipt.
  • Photographs if arranged.
  • Departmental Note on the incident.
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