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How to make a claim-Travel Insurance

A claim settlement will be handled by the claims team of the insurance provider if one has extensive coverage. However, you have to support your claim with some essential documentation.

For claim settlement, supporting documents will vary depending on the issue and the insurance company’s policies. The following documents may be needed in the event of a travel insurance claim.

Claim form

To initiate the claim settlement process, you may need to fill out an offline or online claim form.

Policy document

One of the most valuable documents you have is your insurance policy. A dedicated customer number may be included in your policy. The insurance company notices it first when there is a claim. Additionally, they will check the coverage of your policy against the issue. The inspection process will begin if the claim covers the issue. If these requirements are not met, the claim will be rejected.

Document submission

As part of the application process, you may also need to submit certain documents. These include: First Information Reports (FIR), rental agreements, court summonses, repair bills, legal opinions, fire brigade reports, invoices of personal belongings, hospital bills, and supplier bills for replacement etc. Additional documents may be requested depending on the nature of the claim. Make sure you have the copy of the policy, the policy number, your identification, and proof of your address, in case you need to show them.


The insurance company might ask for a copy of your Aadhaar or passport as proof of identity.

Trip tickets

You may need to submit flight tickets if you are applying for international travel insurance. Such type of documentation comes in handy in case of claims related to trip cancellations, trip delays, and so on.


If there is a trip cancellation related to a medical issue, the insurance company might ask for a doctor’s statement stating the same.

Airport correspondence

In the event of baggage delay or loss, such documentation is essential. In order to verify your claim, you need to get correspondence from the airport authorities.


A first information report is needed for claims related to the theft of baggage. Detailed reports need to be collected from the designated police officials.

Loss of passport

You must submit a copy of your passport with the claim form if you lose it while traveling abroad.

Hospital bill

In the event of an accident, you must submit the appropriate hospital bills. This is applicable if you have made a reimbursement claim and not a cashless one.

Discharge card

In case you have a prolonged stay at a hospital, you have to submit a discharge card from the hospital where you were treated. This is also not a guarantee in case of cashless claims.

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