Yes! Insurance is available online.

However, you may not be able to access the following four services. Policyholders can now purchase insurance policies online, but check out these 4 services they might not be able to avail of.

1. Local Office Services Many insurance companies that sell policies online may not have their offices in your nearest city or township. If you buy insurance online, choose companies that have offices in your hometown or nearby. When buying insurance policies for parents or dependents from abroad, make sure the company’s office provides the services and can handle problem situations. 2. Settlement of Claims Often, problems arise when initializing a claim. Since neither the insurance company nor the customer have met in person, the communication may have taken place via SMS, WhatsApp, or e-mail. The effectiveness of problem-solving over the phone cannot be guaranteed. Toll-free numbers may also lack local language support. Getting the right response from many companies may be difficult. In light of these types of reasons, remedial measures should be taken in advance to ensure a timely settlement of the claim. In addition, they may not be reminding you on time regarding the policy renewal.

3. Professional service An insurance policy agreement is a contract between an insurance company and a consumer. In online policies, there is likely to be a lack of professional service that can help customers select the right policy and package. Taking care of it requires the expertise of professionals who can cross-check policies, assess the customer’s needs, and communicate with the customer and guide their decisions. 4. Policy porting and other services You’ll need the help of a professional if you’re not satisfied with one policy or aren’t getting the benefits you expected. They’ll help you port it to another policy, resolve any complaints easily, and recommend the most suitable options.

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